Thanks Alicia!

     I recently purchased my new home in Richmond, and used Holly Bradford as my real estate agent with Marvin Gardens. There are no words to explain how amazingly patient Holly was with me during the entire process from start to finish.
     Holly is such a genuinely caring person, that I truly felt like she was always looking out for my best interests no matter what was going on behind the scenes in my own personal life. She made the entire home buying process as stress-free as possible by having her own inspectors, contractors, and trades people as referrals. It was made even simpler by using her company’s preferred mortgage company for my loan, which closed on time locking in a shockingly low interest rate. She went above and beyond normal customer service standards to make sure I felt comfortable with my new home purchase, and for that I am still so thankful that I had her with me during this journey.
     If you’re looking for a professional real estate agent who will stand beside you making you feel comfortable through the whole process, be flexible with her schedule to meet with you, and actually care about each of her clients individual needs, then Holly is the woman for you!!!  Five stars across-the-board!!!
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